What is Plan migration and validity extension?

What is validity extension and plan migration?

If a data plan customer migrates to any other plan, the user will continue receiving the data plan bundle monthly upto 12 months. However, the validity will be as per the migrated plan i.e. the customer has to top up / recharge for extension of validity when required.

What is validity extension plan?

Rs 397 BSNL validity extension recharge plan

The plan provides unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS per day. As for data, users will get 2GB high-speed data per day and post FUP, speeds will be reduced t0 80Kbps. Other benefits include Lokdhun content and free BSNL Tunes for 60 days each.

What is STV and PV?

BSNL has revised three prepaid STVs and two Plan Vouchers (PVs) for a limited period. The three STVs in question are STV 99, STV 298 and STV 319, whereas the two PVs are PV 399 and PV 699. BSNL extended the validity of PV 699 alongside adding additional data and SMS benefits to the remaining plans.

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How can I migrate my BSNL plan?

Now BSNL users from Chennai Telecom Circle will just have to send a SMS with the keyword for the particular plan they wish to activate, continue or migrate to, to the toll free number 53733.

What is the difference between recharge and validity?

Key Difference: Top-up is a way to replenish a prepaid mobile account without extending the validity period, whereas recharge is a way to replenish a prepaid mobile account with the extension of validity period.

What is PV in recharge?

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has now revised three of its prepaid STVs along with two Plan Vouchers (PVs). … Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has now revised three of its prepaid STVs along with two Plan Vouchers (PVs).

What to do if Idea SIM validity is expired?

Post the expiry of the validity, the customer will have to recharge again. The plan is aimed at people who wish to receive uninterrupted outgoing and incoming services. It will help those who wish to extend their account expiry date to avoid its deactivation.

How can I extend my idea SIM validity?

How to Increase Sim Validity through SIM Balance (All Operators)

  1. Idea – *369*24 ( Rs 24 for 28 days) OR *150*24# ( 28 days validity)
  2. Airtel – *121*51# ( Rs 23 for 28 days) (All plans)
  3. Vodafone – *444*24# (Rs 23 for 28 days) *121*24#

What is BSNL 49 plan?

49 prepaid plan via a circular on the Chennai website. It offers 100 minutes of free calling. After the FUP is reached, BSNL will charge subscribers 45 paise per minute for calls. The prepaid recharge plan also offers free 2GB of data and 100 SMS messages.

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What is PV 74?

The Rs 74 prepaid plan offers 2GB high speed data and 100 minutes of calling benefits to any network. The Rs 75 prepaid plan offers 10GB total data and 500 SMS benefits. Rs 153 prepaid plan offers 1.5GB data and 100 SMS per day. It also offers unlimited voice calling benefits.

How do you recharge PV?

How can I extend the validity of my BSNL plan?

  1. Validity Extension through SMS using your main balance. Send PV<amount> to 53733 or 123. …
  2. By Automatic Extension Of Validity. …
  3. By Coupon Recharge/Electronic recharge. …
  4. Through online Bsnl Portal.

What is STV 74 BSNL?

Notably, the Rs 74 prepaid plan used to offer 180 days of validity in the past, which was then revised to 90 days in January this year. … The telco will offer 3GB of high-speed data in total and 100 minutes of free voice calling to any network in the country for 100 days with the BSNL Rs 106 prepaid plan.

Which is the best plan for BSNL prepaid?

Here’s a list of best BSNL Prepaid Plans with price ranging from Rs 3 to Rs. 6000.

BSNL Recharge Plans & Offers for Prepaid List.

Pack / Plan Validity Price (Rs.)
2 GB / Day Combo Unlimited 3G Data Pack 71 days 395
2 GB 3G Data Pack 1 day 16
1.3 GB 3G Data Pack 22 days 98
2 GB 3G Data Pack 1 day 19

Can I change my BSNL plan online?

BSNL Broadband users can change their broadband plans very easily as it is an online process. You can upgrade to a plan of your choice right from your home or office as there is no necessity to visit the BSNL office. However, you need to know your customer id number to change your BSNL broadband plan online.

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How can I know my BSNL plan?

How to Check BSNL Plan Details with My BSNL App

  1. Open My BSNL App.
  2. Click Prepaid Info.
  3. Click on the required prepaid number if displayed or Add your mobile number using the + button.
  4. Enter OTP received.
  5. Click on the Number you want.
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