Frequent question: What is an antonym for deported?

What’s a synonym for Deport?

Some common synonyms of deport are banish, exile, and transport.

What is a antonym for migrate?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for migration. repatriation, return.

What is another term used to talk about deportation?

The term expulsion is often used as a synonym for deportation, though expulsion is more often used in the context of international law, while deportation is more used in national (municipal) law. … A person who has been deported or is under sentence of deportation is called deportee.

What is the antonyms of ice?

Ice antonyms

  • water. ice and water.
  • thaw. ice and thaw.
  • revive. ice and revive.
  • resuscitate. ice and resuscitate.
  • resurrect. ice and resurrect.
  • restore. ice and restore.
  • raise. ice and raise.
  • animate. ice and animate.

What is meant by the word deported?

a : to send out of the country by legal deportation. b : to carry away. 2 : to behave or comport (oneself) especially in accord with a code.

What is it called when you expect something?

Synonyms for expect. anticipate, await, hope (for), watch (for)

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What does Demigrate mean?

Filters. (obsolete) To emigrate. verb. To cancel or return from migration (of e.g. a computer system).

Is Unmigrated a word?

Grammatically, this wordunmigrated” is an adjective, more specifically, an uncomparable adjective.

What is the antonym for survival?

survive. Antonyms: cease, decease, decline, depart, die, expire, fade, perish, wither. Synonyms: be born, be immortal, begin, come into being, come to life, exist, flourish, grow, live, rise again, rise from the dead.

How long does it take for deportation?

Cases that qualify for the expedited process can result in a removal order within 2 weeks, while normal cases that don’t qualify for the expedited process can take 2 – 3 years or more to reach a final decision through the courts.

Who pays when someone is deported?

Originally Answered: Who pays the airfare for someone who is deported? The American taxpayer pays for the airflight.

What happens when someone gets deported?

They can arrest you anywhere, whether at work, at school, at home, or in public places. You’re then taken to a detention center and kept in custody until travel arrangements are made. In this scenario, you won’t be allowed to file the Stay of Deportation.

What is the opposite of ice Age?

Yes, and there was such a period about 55 million years ago called the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, in which global average temperatures rose to about 7-8° C warmer than they were a just 20000 years prior (which was similar to today).

What’s another name for black ice?

Black ice, sometimes called clear ice, is a thin coating of glaze ice on a surface, especially on roads.

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What is the opposite word of child?

“The connection must be through an agnate ancestor some generations older than the Royal personage.”

What is the opposite of child?

adult grownup
grown-up grown-up person
mature person person of mature age
mature man mature woman
adolescent elder
Population movement