Your question: Which bird migrates from Arctic to Antarctica and back?

Arctic Tern. An arctic tern soars over Iceland. These small birds have one of the longest annual migrations of any animal on Earth. Every year, arctic terns migrate from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle—a round-trip journey of about 30,000 kilometers (18,641 miles).

How long does Arctic tern migration take?

Uneven migration speeds

The terns covered the 25,700 km from the winter site north to 60º N in an average of 40 days.

Where do Arctic terns go in winter?

They breed in the Arctic and use Antarctica as the wintering grounds (though it is the Antarctic summer!). The flying abilities of Arctic terns are amongst the most astonishing of any birds.

Why do Arctic terns make the long trip twice each year?

Arctic tern makes longest ever migration – equal to flying twice around the planet. A tiny bird from the Farne Islands off Northumberland has clocked up the longest migration ever recorded. … Like all migratory animals, the birds travel to take advantage of food that is available in particular seasons.

Do arctic terns sleep while flying?

Arctic terns are made for migration. They prefer to glide in the air for most of the year. … Arctic terns can sleep and eat, all while gliding. In fact, arctic terns are one of the few birds, besides hummingbirds, that can hover in midair.

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Which bird travels from Europe to Africa every winter?

The most famous are long distance migrants, such as swallows, which breed in Europe and spend the winter in Africa.

What animal eats arctic terns?

Adults generally escape ground predators but may be taken by owls or raptors; jaegers and gulls also prey on eggs and young and harass adults. The Arctic Terns prey are fish or marine crustaceans. The diet of the Arctic Tern varies depending on location and time, but is usually carnivorous.

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