Who are three protagonists in the novel refugee?

Who are the three main characters in Refugee?


  • Three different kids.
  • One mission in common: ESCAPE.
  • Josef is a Jewish boy in 1930s Nazi Germany. With the threat of concentration camps looming, he and his family board a ship bound for the other side of the world…
  • Isabel is a Cuban girl in 1994. …
  • Mahmoud is a Syrian boy in 2015. …
  • A New York Times bestseller!

Who is the protagonist in Refugee?

Josef Landau is one of the three main protagonists in the novel, and the novel begins with his perspective in Berlin, 1938. Josef is a 12-year-old Jewish boy on the cusp of his bar mitzvah. He is the older brother of Ruthie, and the son of Aaron and Rachel Landau.

Who are the character in Refugee?

The main characters in Refugee are Josef Landau, Isabel Fernandez, and Mahmoud Bishara. Josef Landau is a twelve-year-old Jewish boy living in Berlin, Germany, in 1938.

How are the three characters in Refugee connected?

Refugee is about how 3 kids are trying to escape their homes to find safety. The book switches between each character’s perspective. … In the start of the book each character has something bad happen to them to make them leave their country. Josef’s dad was taken to the concentration camp in Germany for six months.

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Does Ivan die in refugee?

Ivan is attacked by a shark and dies. Mahmoud and his mother struggle to survive in the Mediterranean but eventually the family is rescued by the Greek Coast Guard.

Who is Amara in refugee?

Luis’s girlfriend. Amara joins Isabel and the other refugees on the boat to Miami after she and Luis desert the police force in Cuba. Ruthie’s husband; a fellow Holocaust survivor.

Who died in refugee the book?

The boy who had died so Ruthie could live. But Mahmoud was also filled with gratitude. Josef had died so Ruthie could live, and one day welcome Mahmoud and his family into her house.

Why did Josef leave Germany in refugee?

In Josef’s country of origin, Germany, he is being discriminated against and being beaten for being Jewish. Life is so awful for Jews in Nazi Germany, so his family decides they need to leave.

Who is the Castillo family in refugee?

One of the other refugees on the boat with Isabel and her family. Señora Castillo is Iván and Luis’s father, and Señora Castillo‘s husband.

Who is Waleed in refugee?

Mahmoud’s 10-year-old brother. Mahmoud observes that Waleed is largely unfazed by most of the events of their journey, which worries him.

Who is the antagonist in refugee?

Dominant Antagonist

Ruthie is Josef’s sister, who escapes Germany with him. Ruthie is important to the book, because at the end, when the Nazi’s force Josef’s mother to pick one child to be free and the another be sent to a concentration camp, Josef volunteers himself to go to the camp.

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What Mahmoud looks like in refugees?

Mahmoud is a twelve-year-old boy “with a long, strong nose, thick black eyebrows, and short-cropped black hair” (12). He is quiet and unobtrusive…. able “to walk around getting noticed by the Syrian army or the rebels fighting them was just inviting trouble” (12).

How does Isabel Fernandez look in refugee?

1 Answers. Isabel Fernandez is eleven-years-old, and she is described as “all lanky arms and legs. Her brown face was splotchy with freckles, and her thick black hair was cut short for the summer and pulled back behind her ears”. She loves music, her family, and her best friend, Ivan Castillo.

Does Josef’s father die in refugee?

Drowned upside down. Josef’s father jumps into the ocean and when a policeman tries to help him, Josef’s father yells, “Let me die! Let me die!” Josef’s father survives.

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