Where do Housemartins migrate from?

Paul Stancliffe of the BTO commented, “I have long dreamed of being able to follow a bird like the House Martin on its migration from Britain to Africa, to get a glimpse of the places it is passing through and the places that it chooses to stay and rest for a while before continuing on its journey.

Where do house martins migrate from?

It spends much of its time on the wing collecting insect prey. The bird’s mud nest is usually sited below the eaves of buildings. They are summer migrants and spend their winters in Africa.

Do house martins return to the same nest each year?

House martins will return from their African wintering grounds to the same nesting sites each year. They can reuse their old nests, saving them about ten day’s work collecting mud.

Where do house martins migrate to in Africa?

There are records of migrant house martins staying to breed in Namibia and South Africa instead of returning north. As would be expected for a long distance migrant, it has occurred as a vagrant eastwards to Alaska and west to Newfoundland, Bermuda and the Azores.

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Where in Africa do house martins winter?

We do know that our house martins – along with the 20 million, and possibly as many as 50 million in the rest of Europe – spend our winter in Africa, mostly south of the equator.

What is the difference between swallow and house martin?

House martins are smaller than swallows. They have only a shallow forked tail and lack tail streamers. Their body is all white beneath with bright white chin and throat. … Their wings are short and pointed and wider than a swallow’s, and their bodies less slender – they are more torpedo than an arrow!

Do Housemartins sleep on the wing?

When they have a nest, house martins sleep in it, but it’s still not known whether they sleep on the wing for the rest of the year. … House martins face a number of threats, some natural but most man-made. Their nests are sometime predated by other birds, they are hunted by hobbies, a fast, migratory bird of prey.

Is it illegal to remove house martin nests?

It is illegal to damage or destroy active nests so, during redecoration, these nests must be left intact or the work delayed until the autumn. If necessary, when the birds have left in September/October and it is clear that these nests are no longer in use, they can be removed.

What direction should a martin house face?

Orientating the doors of a Purple Martin house so they face toward wide open corridors may be sufficient but you still need to maintain open space above the house and prevent trees from encroaching on the sides. Many properties in urbanized areas provide good martin habitat as do rural areas.

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What’s the difference between swallow and swift?

Spot the Difference

Swallows’ distinctive forked tail have long, tapered feathers, while they also have a black head and red chin strap. Confusingly, swifts have forked tails that look quite similar to the martins, however they are dark brown all over, while house martins have white bellies and rumps.

Does the swift bird sleep?

Except when nesting, swifts spend their lives in the air, living on the insects caught in flight; they drink, feed, and often mate and sleep on the wing. … No other bird spends as much of its life in flight.

What is the difference between a house Martin and a sand martin?

Our smallest member of the swallow family, the sand martin is brown above and white below, with a brown band across its breast and a short, forked tail. House martins and swallows are both glossy blue-black above and don’t have the chest band. Sand martins nest in burrows, usually dug into sandy banks.

Do House Martins mate for life?

Though the same pair will usually remain together for a single breeding season, it is rare for the two to pair again the following year, even if both survive.

Do house martins and swallows fly together?

Often swallows and house martins will feed together now in mixed flocks. … Swallows can sometimes squeeze in three broods of nestlings in a year and those youngsters which fledge later will fly south without their parents. Swallows winter in southern Africa where they roost in huge flocks in reed-beds.

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