How much is Bahamas citizenship?

$200.00 non-refundable processing fee ( payable by cash , credit/debit card, postal/money orders or bank certified cheque) Letter of Request addressed to the Director of Immigration. Duly completed Citizenship Form I application form with $10.00 Bahamian postage stamp affixed thereon (legible and notarized)

How much does it cost to become a citizen of The Bahamas?

Persons born in The Bahamas to married non-Bahamian parents may apply for Bahamian citizenship between their 18th and 19th birthday only. There is a non-refundable processing fee of BS$100.00 (payable via cash or certified / bank manager’s cheque payable to the Treasury).

Does The Bahamas allow dual citizenship?

Bahamian citizenship is government by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, dated July 10, 1973. Dual citizenship is permitted only under the following limited circumstances. Those that obtained dual citizenship due to birth abroad may hold on to dual citizenship up to age 21.

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How do I get a Bahamas passport?

You can apply for a Bahamian passport if you are a citizen of The Bahamas by either:

  1. Birth, and you did not relinquish your citizenship prior to applying for a passport.
  2. Registration or naturalisation (through approval of the Immigration Department)

What are the benefits of having Bahamian citizenship?

Gaining Bahamian citizenship eliminates the need to worry about residency rules and requirements, time limits on how long you can stay, or your ability to work in the country. And of course, gives you the right to participate in the national democratic process by voting.

Can you buy Bahamas citizenship?

Citizenship by Investment Bahamas

At this point in time the Bahamas does not have a citizenship by investment programme leading to a second passport, either through investors purchasing real estate or through government contribution.

Can I immigrate to the Bahamas?

Under the Immigration Act of The Bahamas, a foreign investor may be eligible for a permanent residence permit on the basis of a residential property purchase of at least B$500,000 (US$500,000). The spouse and children of the investor may be included in the application at no additional cost.

Can US citizen live in Bahamas?

From nearly 700 islands, only a few dozen are inhabited. The capital city is Nassau, on the New Providence Island, and most of some 400,000 Bahamians live there. … US citizens can freely enter the country via ports or one of 24 airports, but staying there is subject to the permission of Bahamian authorities.

Can a US citizen go to the Bahamas without a passport?

It is possible to travel to the Bahamas from the United States without a passport, but it is not advisable. … The passport card cannot be used for entry into the states by air. When traveling by air from the Bahamas, all US citizens must provide a valid US passport to enter or re-enter the states.

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What is the easiest country to become a citizen?

Here are five of the easiest countries to gain citizenship.

  1. Mexico. The largest amount of American emigrants are living in Mexico. …
  2. Canada. How well you know Canada is important to your citizenship application. …
  3. Ireland. Irish heritage goes a long way for acquiring citizenship. …
  4. Paraguay. …
  5. Israel.

Do I need a passport to go to Bahamas?

U.S. citizens are generally required to present a valid U.S. passport when traveling to The Bahamas, as well as proof of anticipated departure from The Bahamas. … U.S. travelers coming for tourism will not need a visa for travel up to 90 days. All other travelers will need a visa and/or work permit.

What islands can you go to without a passport?

Five exotic places you can go without a U.S. passport

  • Puerto Rico. The island of Puerto Rico (officially an unincorporated territory of the United States) has long been a favorite of travelers from the contiguous 48. …
  • United States Virgin Islands. …
  • Northern Mariana Islands. …
  • Guam. …
  • American Samoa.

Do you need a passport to go to Atlantis Bahamas?

The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas is one of the most popular tourist destinations for United States citizens. … United States citizens need a valid U.S. passport to go to Bahamas, Jamaica, and most other areas in the Caribbean region.

How do I become a citizen of Monaco?

Citizenship of Monaco is based primarily on the principle of jus sanguinis. In other words, citizenship is conferred primarily by birth to a Monégasque parent, irrespective of place of birth.

By naturalisation

  1. renounce any foreign nationality.
  2. no longer be required to perform national service abroad.
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Can I live in the Bahamas?

The Bahamian government is very open to international visitors and people who are looking to settle down on some of the islands. … To become a permanent resident, you have to purchase a property on an island and apply for the home owner’s card, or legally work and live in the country for more than 20 consecutive years.

How do I become a permanent resident of the Bahamas?

The current Bahamas immigration law does not provide a direct path to permanent residency. The applicant first obtains a residence permit or homeowner’s ID card and then applies for permanent residency after one year. The new rules will allow investors to obtain permanent residency immediately.

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