Why did the Mormons immigrate to Utah quizlet?

Why did the Mormons decide to move to Utah? They feared being attacked by people who were not Mormon.

Who were the Mormons and why did they migrate westward quizlet?

Many Christian missionaries moved into the new territories out west with the desire to spread their religious message to the Native Americans. The Mormons were a religious group that moved westward in an attempt to escape persecution. You just studied 17 terms!

Why did the Mormon community in Utah succeed quizlet?

Why did the Mormon community in Utah succeed? → Using cooperative labor and an irrigation system based on communal water rights, the Mormon pioneers quickly spread agricultural communities along the base of the Wasatch Range. What statement describes the Mormon practice of polygamy in the nineteenth century?

What was the Mormons most important legacy?

Mormons’ most important legacy. they established lasting religion even though they were prosecuted wherever they went. hardships that forty-niners faced. helped build the West, and made it more interesting to settle due to their cultutre.

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Why did Mormons decide to leave the East and settle in Utah quizlet?

Why did the Mormons decide to move to Utah? They feared being attacked by people who were not Mormon.

Why did many Mormons decide to settle in Utah?

Despite warnings about the region’s unsuitability for agriculture and the hostile Native Americans living near the smaller, freshwater Utah Lake, the Mormons were drawn to the low population of the Salt Lake Valley.

What problems did the Mormons face when they settled at the Great Salt Lake?

The area surrounding the Great Salt Lake was a challenging place to live. It was difficult to grow crops on the land and there was little shelter from the blazing sun.

What were the main causes of the Mormon migration?

Background of the migration

Since its founding in 1830, members of the LDS Church frequently had conflicts and difficult relations with non-members, due to both their unorthodox religious beliefs and the conduct of the church leaders and members.

How many Mormon pioneers came to Utah?

An estimated 60,000 to 70,000 pioneers traveled to Utah during those years. Hundreds of thousands of other emigrants traveled to other points in the West, primarily California and Oregon.

Who were the first Mormons in Utah?

Brigham Young led a group of two children, three women, and 143 men. They traveled on horseback or in oxen-pulled wagons for three months; then, on July 22, the first men entered the Salt Lake Valley. Brigham Young himself arrived on July 24, 1847.

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What is the Whitman’s greatest success?

The Whitman Massacre directed national attention to the difficulties faced by settlers in the Far West and contributed to early passage of a bill to organize the Oregon Territory (1848). It also led directly to the Cayuse War, which did not end until 1850.

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