What if you miss your citizenship interview?

If you have to miss your interview, you should notify the office where your interview is scheduled by mail as soon as possible. In your letter, you should ask to have your interview rescheduled. … If you miss your scheduled interview without notifying USCIS, they will “administratively close” your case.

Can I reschedule my citizenship interview?

To request a reschedule, the normal method is to write to the USCIS office where the interview was scheduled to take place, and explain the situation. Include a request that you be given a new interview date, and mention any pertinent scheduling information, such as the length of time that you will be hospitalized.

What happens if you don’t show up to immigration interview?

If you do not show up to your interview, USCIS is required to deny the petition for abandonment. Hence, your attendance is absolutely mandatory.

How many times can I reschedule my citizenship interview?

Is there any limit on how many times you can reschedule? There is no set limit. If there is good cause, the interview can be rescheduled. At some point though, underlying things (such as background checks) expire and that can result in a longer wait before you can be scheduled for an oath ceremony (if approved).

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How do I reschedule my USCIS interview?

At the current time, the only way to reschedule an interview is by calling the USCIS Contact Center at (800) 375-5283. In addition to calling the Contact Center, it is also a good idea to send a letter to the local USCIS office, confirming that you have requested rescheduling through the Contact Center.

Can I delay my citizenship test?

You have 30 days from the test date to contact us and let us know why you missed the test. Write us a letter explaining why you missed the test. … You can send this letter by mail or online, using this Web form. The local office handling your application will decide if you have a valid reason for missing the test.

Can I cancel my citizenship interview?

The primary reasons for a naturalization interview appointment to be cancelled by USCIS are: There is a staffing shortage at the office where you were scheduled to be interviewed, and as a result nobody will be available to interview you at that time. You will receive a new interview date and time at some future date.

What happens if you don’t go to green card interview?

If you do not pass the green card interview, USCIS may investigate your case further. Additionally, USCIS may provide you the opportunity to submit additional evidence, or they may otherwise issue a Notice of Intent to Deny your application for a Green Card.

How do you know if you pass green card interview?

If the interview goes well, the U.S. government will approve your Green Card case. In many cases, the interviewing officer will let you know that your case is approved at your interview! You can expect to receive your Green Card in the mail some 2 to 3 weeks after your case is approved.

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Can I go to the interview without my wife?

Answer: Unless you want to give up, you do not have to drop your case. Depending on the facts of your situation, you might be able to still win a green card through marriage, even though you are living apart from your spouse.

What happens if you miss your oath ceremony?

Failing to appear more than once for your naturalization ceremony may lead to a denial of your application. Once you arrive at the ceremony, check in with USCIS. A USCIS officer will review your responses to the questionnaire, Form N-445, Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony.

What happens if I reschedule my citizenship test?

If the immigration officer considers your reason, your interview may be rescheduled and you will receive a new interview notice. However, you must not skip the interview date and if you do so, your US citizenship or Green Card application will be denied.

Can USCIS call you?

gov”—if not, and the website or email claims to be from the government, it’s probably a scam. Likewise, USCIS will never call you to request information about your case.

How far out does USCIS schedule interviews?

The interview will be scheduled approximately 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

What is the USCIS interview like?

During your naturalization interview, a USCIS officer will ask you questions about your application and background. You will also take an English and civics test unless you qualify for an exemption or waiver. The English test has three components: reading, writing, and speaking.

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