Quick Answer: Which phrase best defines the term citizenship?

Explanation: Citizenship is the status of what you are in that area. Being born in the USA will make you a U.S. citizen.

What is the term citizenship?

A citizen is a participatory member of a political community. Citizenship is gained by meeting the legal requirements of a national, state, or local government. A nation grants certain rights and privileges to its citizens. … Living in a country does not mean that a person is necessarily a citizen of that country.

What is a citizen quizlet?

A citizen is a person who is a full member of a nation and receives all guaranteed rights of citizenship. A citizen also owes full allegiance to the nation of his or her citizenship. A noncitizen national is a person who is born in a territory that is possessed by another nation.

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Which phrase best describes the items listed below be born in the United States become naturalized have a parent who is a US Citizena ways a person can become a US Citizenb examples of the rights all US citizens Havec reasons people under 18 are still?

The answer are ways a person can become a US citizen. By being born in the United States, becoming naturalized thorough the procedures that the US government has outlined, or by having a parent that is already a US citizen are all ways in which a person can become a US citizen.

Which of the following best defines the term alien as it relates to United States citizenship?

Answer Expert Verified. The best description of the term alien as it relates to United States citizenship is letter A. A non-citizen is living in the United States country. An alien is an illegal immigrant who hides from the officials.

What are the 4 types of citizenship?

Usually citizenship based on circumstances of birth is automatic, but an application may be required.

  • Citizenship by birth (jus sanguinis). …
  • Born within a country (jus soli). …
  • Citizenship by marriage (jus matrimonii). …
  • Naturalization. …
  • Citizenship by investment or Economic Citizenship. …
  • Excluded categories.

What are the 3 kinds of citizenship?

Three Kinds of Citizens

We found that three visions of “citizenship” were particularly helpful: the personally responsible citizen; the participatory citizen; and the justice oriented citizen (see Table 1).

At what age did a boy become a citizen?

Under current law, children under 18 automatically acquire U.S. citizenship if three requirements are met. The child must have U.S. lawful permanent resident status (“green card” holder). At least one parent must be a U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization.

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What is the biggest difference in citizen?

The correct answer is The congress in the united states consists of elected officials. After every two years the house of representative are being voted by citizens and the senate members are being voted after every six years. All this congress are being voted by citizens.

What is the difference between a citizen and a noncitizen?

Citizens are legal members of a state. They enjoy legal rights in a state. Non-citizens are not legal members of the state.

What are the two types of American citizens?

The first sentence of § 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment contemplates two sources of citizenship and two only: birth and naturalization.

What right do only citizens have?

However, there are certain rights that are only granted to U.S. citizens, including the right to vote, to apply for federal employment, to run for elected office, to obtain a U.S. passport and to not be denied re-entry into this country.

Which of the following people would be considered an American citizen by birth?

Answer Expert Verified. The correct answer is C) A person born in the United States to noncitizen parents. The 14th amendment of the US Constitution ensures that any person born on American soil would be considered a United State citizen through birth.

Do permanent residents owe allegiance to us?

The Oath of Allegiance of the United States is the official oath of allegiance that must be taken and subscribed by every lawful permanent resident (LPR) who wishes to become a national of the United States (American).

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What rights do US citizens have that documented aliens do not have?

While they have no legal or constitutional rights to remain within the country, they may stay provided that the government renews their visas at the expiration of the previous visa.

How has the meaning of citizenship evolved?

The concept of citizenship first arose in towns and city-states of ancient Greece, where it generally applied to property owners but not to women, slaves, or the poorer members of the community. A citizen in a Greek city-state was entitled to vote and was liable to taxation and military service.

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