Keith Woomer , Partner
(859) 971-0060

210 West Platt Street, Suite C
Tampa, Florida 33606

Mr. Woomer’s immigration practice is focused primarily on Special Immigrant Juveniles in the Tampa Bay area. He represents SIJ clients in both immigration and state family courts.

Mr. Woomer is licensed to practice in both Kentucky and Florida state courts. He practiced previously in an immigration law firm in Lexington, where he represented a large number immigrants in criminal cases. Handling felony and misdemeanor cases, Mr. Woomer gained experience in both post-conviction relief and appellate practice.

Mr. Woomer attended the College of Charleston and obtained B.A. in International Business. After graduating, he went to graduate school at Roma Tre in Italy and received a Master’s Degree. Returning to Charleston, he then received his Juris Doctor Degree from the Charleston School of Law.

During Mr. Woomer’s life he has travelled extensively throughout Central and South America and speaks Spanish fluently. In his free time, Mr. Woomer enjoys sailing, tennis and traveling.