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Cancellation of Removal

Find out the criteria and eligibility for “Cancellation of Removal” proceedings.

ICE Detention
ICE Detention

Find out if your friend or loved one is eligible for an immigration bond and release from detention.

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The Removal Process

What Can Lead to Deportation or Removal? What Happens in the Removal Process?

Seeking Asylum
Apply for Asylum

Fearful of what may happen if you are discovered and forced to return to your homeland?

An increasing number of our families and neighbors find themselves in need of immigration assistance – CF Abogados can help.

    • Our immigration attorneys can provide the legal solutions needed when fighting possible deportation or detention and, in some cases, can stop removal proceedings.

    • If you are a victim of a crime or domestic violence, we can help you seek legal protection by filing for a U Visa or petitioning through the VAWA.

    • We can work with you to apply for asylum or withholding of removal if you fear a forced return to your homeland.

    • Our Kentucky immigration attorneys can negotiate on your behalf with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency regarding detention and removal proceedings, and seek prosecutorial discretion in your case.

If you find yourself, either alone or with your loved ones, in need of immigration assistance take action now to protect yourself and your family by talking with lawyers who understand your situation.

CF Abogados has worked with people in this country who have entered legally and illegally, non-citizens, with or without status, to help them fight for their American Dream. Let us help you.

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Do You Qualify for “Cancellation of Removal”?

You may qualify for relief from removal in the form of a “cancellation of removal” if you meet certain criteria. In 1996, the U.S. Congress passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA), which set more stringent standards for cancellation of removal.

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What Is An Immigration Bond?

An immigration bond is like a bond paid in a criminal case. It is money paid as surety — a guarantee — that a person in removal proceedings will appear at all immigration hearings. If a person under an immigration bond does not appear at an immigration hearing, an immigration judge can order them removed from the United States in absentia (i.e., in their absence), and the bond will be forfeited.

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What Can Lead to Deportation or Removal?

Whether you are present in the United States with status (you hold a green card, a student or work visa, or have been granted asylum or refugee status), are seeking admission to or are present in the United States without status, violation of the immigration laws or a criminal conviction may result in the U.S. government initiating removal proceedings against you.

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How Does Someone Qualify for a U Visa?
The U visa was created to help victims of these crimes and law enforcement agencies tasked with protecting all victims regardless of immigration status. If you are a victim of a qualifying crime, the immigration law firm of CF Abogados is dedicated to helping you obtain a U visa.

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